Silvio Berlusconi Hired “Nun” Strippers While Serving As Italy’s Prime Minister

Former Italian prime minster Silvio Berlusconi not only hired strippers to attend private parties he hosted while running the country, he had those strippers dress up as nuns according to a recent Italian media report.

A witness to one of Berlusconi’s parties came forward this week to testify against Berlusconi, 27-year-old Imane Fadil testified in a Milan Court that she attended one of the Prime Ministers infamous “bunga bunga” parties which did in fact feature stripper nuns.

The 75-year-old Berlusconi is on trial for paying an underage prostitute and then abusing his power to have the working girl released from police custody to avoid implication.

Fadil told the court that she was given $2,600 to attend one of Berlusconi’s parties and that she watched as two women dressed in black monastic garb performed for the Prime Minister and then they stripped down to their underwear.

In further implicating Silvio and one of his working girls Fadil claims that one of the women was Nicole Minetti, now an important member of Silvio’s People of Freedom Party in Milan.

Fadil is one of just several Italian women who have agreed to testify against Berlusconi.

Imane tells The Guardian that she never spent the night following one of Berlusconi’s parties although women who agrees to stay were paid even more money for performing sexual acts. According to Fadil:

“The girls complained they were afraid of diseases. But they all competed to stay because whoever stayed earned a lot more.”

More testimony from other female guests to Berlusconi’s parties will soon give their side of the story.