Rihanna, Mayweather Spice Up 2015 BET Awards With Duct Tape, But Floyd Loses Traction To Singer’s Cash Action [Video]

Rihanna versus Floyd Mayweather, and the winner is? That’s what the question of the night became when the uber-famous singer and the ultra-famous fighter engaged in a game at the 2015 BET Awards involving duct tape, reported E! News.

The what-are-they-doing humor began when Rihanna waved around an enormous duct tape container while sitting elegantly in her chair. Then, perhaps getting bored as the ceremony continued, Rihanna decided to spice up the off-stage activity by duct-taping Mayweather’s mouth. She even used the sticky tape to tie together his hands.

As to precisely what Floyd did to merit that punishment? Neither party to the play was confessing. But once Rihanna finished her work, Mayweather looked a tad under the weather.

In contrast, Rihanna looked perky and pretty in a gold blazer, multiple necklaces, and nifty ponytail. But however gorgeous she looked, social media instead was focused on the reason for that duct tape.

“Rihanna planning on kidnapping Karrueche, that’s why she got that duct tape #BETAwards2015,” tweeted one observer.

Also of interest on social media: Rihanna’s response to Chris Brown performing with Omarion. Views varied as to whether she was quietly singing along with Brown or rapping along with Omarion.

However, the consensus on social media was definitive when it came to the show between Rihanna and Mayweather versus the BET Awards. Fans definitely preferred watching the action between the singer and Floyd, reported MSN.

“Rihanna is the only person that could lay hands on Floyd MayWeather and win,” opined Baby Blanco.

“Listen… @Rihanna taping @FloydMayweather’s mouth shut may be the best “lowkey” moment of the show so far #BETAwards,” noted Miss Dimplez.


And that wasn’t the singer’s only stand-out moment at the 2015 BET Awards. In addition to that Rihanna-Mayweather duct tape time, the last hour of the show included a reportedly scripted scene showing her tossing money at Stephen Hill, who is the BET’s Programming President, reported Entertainment Weekly.

The cash bash occurred prior to Rihanna’s on-stage entrance to promo her “B***h Better Have My Money” music video trailer.

Despite social media murmurs that it was a feud, BET representatives said it was planned.

And there’s at least one other famed beauty who appreciates Rihanna’s sense of style. As the Inquisitr reported, Kendall Jenner recently listed Rihanna as one of her top fashion idols.

“I love Rihanna. I feel like she kills it all the time,” declared Jenner.

[Photo by Michael Loccisano / Getty Images for Turner]