Calum Hood’s Unexpected Revelation: He And The Other 5SOS Members Are Single!

Calum Hood, who plays bass guitar for the hugely popular Australian pop rock band 5 Seconds of Summer, made a rather surprising revelation about his relationship status during an interview on an Australian radio station.

Michael Clifford, another band member and Calum Hood, were being interviewed by Fitzy and Wippa of Nova 96.9 in Sydney, Australia about their recent pyrotechnic accident during their “Rock Out With Your Socks Out Tour” tour which left Michael Clifford’s face with some nasty burns.

Movie News Guide reported that Calum Hood made this revelation during the course of the candid interview, saying “We all carry the same flag,” as a reply to Michael’s confession.

“We are all single I believe.”

This came as a surprise to most 5SOS fans after the rumor mill ran hot with news that Calum Hood was in a relationship with Jennifer Phipps. The rumors began right after 5SOS’s Japan Tour, where Calum was reportedly spotted by a Twitter user taking cuddly pictures with Jennifer Phipps.

Kpopstarz reported that Calum Hood was outraged at the rumors over his alleged relationship with Jennifer Phipps, but he managed to cool his nerves and spread love to his fans instead.

Lately, Calum Hood has been very secretive about his relationship status and he managed to keep his private life away from the public eye. Above that, his recent bombardment of Twitter posts regarding the band’s new albums and upcoming concerts has made it clear that he wants to focus on his career right now, and to take the attention away Jennifer Phipps and his personal life altogether.

Calum Hood’s Instagram account, which he updates regularly, has also been curiously lacking any trace of Jennifer Phipps or any other relationship.

Calum Hood, who has previously indicated that he likes quiet, intelligent and musically talented girls, hasn’t been so secretive about his relationship status before. His month old relationship with Maddie Harris has been quite public.

Bustle reports that Calum Hood was also involved in a secret relationship with a girl named Lucy in the past. It has been said that Calum Hood gave Lucy a lot of attention on social media, in particular liking her pictures on her instagram account. He managed to keep their relationship so secret that no one even knew Lucy’s last name.

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As for how long Calum Hood and the rest of the 5SOS band members will remain single, only time will tell.

[Photo: Stephen Lovekin / Getty Images]