Jimmy Fallon’s Ripped Finger Puts ‘The Tonight Show’ On Hold For Three Weeks

Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon nearly ripped his finger from his hand late last week, and taping of the show is now cancelled for the next three weeks.

Last Friday, Jimmy tweeted a photo of his heavily-bandaged left hand.

He then posted a rather gruesome and painful-sounding explanation for what happened.

TMZ later explained that Jimmy was in his apartment Friday morning when he suffered his injury. Fallon had been out and about on the streets of New York Thursday night, according to MSN, having supper at the tony Upper East Side eatery Scalinatella, and posing for selfies with fans. Fallon’s Thursday-night wanderings led MSN to speculate whether or not the talk show host — who is known to play beer pong with guests on his show — might have had a few too many.

“No word from Fallon as to whether alcohol contributed to Fallon’s [injury].”

Ring-related finger injuries are no laughing matter, however. Physician John P. Cunha, writing in E-Medicine Health, says that emergency rooms treat nearly one million finger and hand injuries each year. Workers who work around heavy machinery — which can, say, grind up fingertips or grab a ring and nearly pull it and the finger clean off — are most at risk.

Meanwhile, Fallon’s ripped finger has put a damper on The Tonight Show. Friday’s episode was cancelled because of the injury (Jimmy was tweeting from the hospital at the time the show would normally be wrapping up the day’s taping), according to this Inquisitr report, leaving fans hoping to see Penn & Teller, Benicio del Toro, and Taylor Kitsch disappointed.

It now looks like Fallon’s injury has put the kibosh on The Tonight Show for at least three weeks: a recorded message on the NBC Ticket Line states that the show is “on hiatus” until July 10. As of this post, it’s not clear if the hiatus was already planned or if it’s because of Jimmy Fallon’s ripped finger.

Correction: An e-mail from NBC Media Relations representative Amber James confirmed that the current Tonight Show hiatus had already been scheduled before Jimmy Fallon’s hand injury.

Correction: This post repeatedly states that the Tonight Show hiatus is three weeks; in fact, it’s only two weeks.

[Image courtesy of: Getty Images / Theo Vargo / NBC]