After Multiple UFO Sightings Florida Hotel Keeps Log of Guests' UFO Sightings [Video]

JohnThomas Didymus

Guests at the Ocean Sands Beach Inn on Coastal Highway, Florida, have reported so many sightings of UFOs over the nearby Vilano Beach in St. Johns County that the hotel manager now keeps a log of UFO sightings by guests.

After a guest at the hotel sent a UFO video he captured near the beach to First Coast News, a couple staying at the hotel, who wanted to remain anonymous, also sent a video to the station on June 17 after they had shown it to the hotel manager.

The video, according to the couple, shows a bright object flying in a "controlled manner" over Vilano Beach. The couple observed that the apparent controlled movement of the light ruled out Chinese lanterns.

The person filming can be heard saying, "I've never seen anything like it... very bright light. Slowly rising."

The hotel manager, Debbie Whaley, said, "They had seen lights hovering overhead and flew over them at one time. They were pretty frightened."

Whaley said that was not the first time that guests have reported UFO sightings at the beach. Several people, including local residents and hotel visitors, have reported seeing similar light orbs in the sky over Vilano Beach and environs in the past.

Whaley actually keeps a log – including videos and photos – of previous sightings by guests and local residents.

"Back in early December, some people called and said they saw some of the same type of situation, lights coming in. One acts like it is distressed. One is going up and down; another comes in and out, hovers for a while and then darts off."

Whaley has never seen the lights, but based on reports, videos, and photos taken by guests and locals who have seen the lights, she ruled out Chinese lanterns, and said she was convinced that someone was conducting surveillance flights over the area. But she wasn't altogether convinced that the visitors were little green men. She speculated that the UFOs might be from military bases in nearby Mayport and Kings Bay, or even NASA.

"I'm just saying what other people have seen. There seems to be more of a pattern or power to what this is. I think with all the military we have, with the base up in Mayport and Kings Bay in Georgia and NASA below us, I think there could be things checking us out. There's something out there besides the shrimp boats."