Marriage Equality Is Here And The Pride Study iPhone App Wants To Make Sure All Couples Are Healthy

The LGBTQ community has its own collection of health concerns that PRIDE researchers feel need to be addressed. This has led to a study at the University of California San Francisco called the PRIDE study. The goal of the study is reportedly to focus on the health issues that are ever present in the LGBTQ community, according to the PRIDE study official website.

"LGBTQ people continue to face unique health and healthcare disparities that stem from discrimination, stigma, and a lack of information about how our identities affect our health."
The name PRIDE is a acronym for "Population Research in Identity and Disparities for Equality." The study is reportedly designed to "better understand how sexual orientation and gender identity affects health and how to promote health and combat disease." The inspiration behind beginning the study was the lack of LGBTQ inclusion in other health care studies, according to a press release by USCF.

The study has already discovered that the LGBTQ community faces health risks due to problems within society. USCF made a statement explain just where these health risks really stem from.

"LGBTQ people continue to face significant health issues stemming from discrimination, stigma, and a lack of information about how our identities affect our health. We hope this study, which will be designed with significant input from the LGBTQ community itself, will change all that."
Reportedly, there are health concerns with lesbian women, that health researchers have yet to figure out. The PRIDE iPhone app gives users insight to the discovery of the cause behind LGBTQ issues as they are uncovering them. In the press release, USCF explains the special problems that lesbians face.
"Lesbian women are twice as likely to be obese than straight women, and we don't know why. That makes lesbian women susceptible to all kinds of health risks. It's the mission of The PRIDE Study to research and get to the bottom of these kinds of LGBTQ health issues, and The PRIDE Study iPhone app will give us access to a much wider population than previously possible."
The PRIDE study decision to use Apple for its technology needs was due to Apple's easy to use products, like the iPhone. Though Apple is not sponsoring the study, the researchers are exciting about how easy it is for the LGBTQ community and others who are interested to navigate through the new health information as it comes.
"We are excited to use this technology and share the study's outcomes, but we have no partnership, financial or data transfer arrangements with Apple."
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