Did Harry Styles Help Louis Tomlinson Find Love Again? And Why Are 'Larry' Fans So Happy?

Harry Styles just might be the best thing that's ever happened to Louis Tomlinson's love life -- it looks like Harry has played matchmaker for his band mate yet again.

According to Metro, Louis Tomlinson was recently spotted getting cozy with one of Harry Styles' many female friends. Louis attended the Glastonbury music festival with brunette beauty Tamara Bell, and they were photographed holding hands. Louis had a big smile plastered on his face in one of the photos taken at the event, so he was obviously enjoying himself.

Tamara Bell is the creator of the Almeida lingerie line, and she also happens to be friends with Harry Styles. According to Hollywood Life, an old photo is making the rounds on social media that shows Harry and Tamara reading Fifty Shades of Grey together. There's no confirmation that Harry introduced Tamara and Louis, but Harry has helped Louis find love before.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Harry Styles actually introduced Louis Tomlinson to Eleanor Calder, Louis' girlfriend of three years. Before his One Direction days, Harry worked at a bakery with a friend who was also pals with Eleanor. One day Harry and his coworker met up with Louis, and Eleanor joined them. This is how Harry played a part in the beginning of Louis' first great romance.

Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder broke up just three months ago, so Louis might not be ready for another serious relationship just yet. However, "Larry Stylinson" shippers still aren't going to be happy about Louis spending time with Tamara Bell.

"Larry" shippers are the surprisingly large faction of One Direction fans who are convinced that Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson are gay and secretly in love with each other. They rejoiced when Louis and Eleanor called it quits, thinking that Louis and Harry would confirm their suspicions. However, this obviously didn't happen.

"Larry Stylinson" isn't a thing and never will be, but "Larry" fans have had two reasons to rejoice recently. They both concern a 2011 tweet from Louis to Harry Styles that has become the second-most retweeted tweet of all time.

This tweet has become sacred in the eyes of "Larry" shippers, so you can imagine how thrilled they were when Liam Payne read it out loud during One Direction's recent concert in Oslo. According to Unreality TV, The message was written on a banner that a fan was holding, and Liam was randomly choosing signs to read out loud. It seems likely that he didn't understand the message's significance.

A few days later, Harry Styles gave "Larry Stylinson" fans the thrill of a lifetime. During One Direction's concert in Gothenburg, Sweden, a fan threw a Swedish flag on the stage. According to Yahoo! Celebrity UK, Harry held it up in the air -- and the other side just happened to emblazoned with that infamous "Always in my heart" tweet. Fans were so thrilled that it managed to get the hashtag #LARRISCOMINGBACK trending on Twitter.

Perhaps Harry Styles set Louis Tomlinson up with Tamara Bell so those poor "Larry" fans don't continue to get their hopes up.

[Image credit: Ethan Miller/Getty]