Twice-Divorced Donald Trump: I’m For Traditional Marriage

Robert Jonathan

Donald Trump supports traditional marriage between one man and one woman, even though he has been married three times.

The real estate mogul and reality TV star expressed his support for traditional or heterosexual marriage in an interview that aired this morning with CNN's Jake Tapper that was taped before the U.S. Supreme Court released its 5-4 decision legalizing same-sex marriage in all 50 states.

Like many right-of-center pundits and politicians, Trump has previously maintained that marriage should be a state-level matter. Approximately 30 states had previously banned same-sex marriage by constitutional amendment before these state laws were disallowed by federal judges, which culminated in the High Court ruling on Friday.

When Tapper asked the billionaire businessman how he would respond to married gay couples who might ask him "what's traditional about being married three times," Trump conceded "they have a very good point" and that otherwise he "really wouldn't say anything to them."

Trump noted that the he is happily married to wife Melania Knauss-Trump, a former model, and attributed his past relationship woes to being a workaholic.

"I was working 22 hours a day... I blame myself because my business was so powerful for me."

After Univision pulled out of its contract to broadcast the Trump-owned Miss USA Pageant on July 12 because of Trump's controversial remarks about criminals coming across the southern border, the Trump organization announced it would sue the Spanish-language network for breach of contract. Trump also notified the company's CEO that Univision employees are no longer allowed to use the Trump National Doral resort or golf course, which neighbors Univision's Miami campus.

In an now-deleted Instagram photograph, The Donald also revealed the personal cellphone number of Jorge Ramos, the television network's high-profile, Emmy-winning news anchor, who sent Trump a handwritten note requesting an interview even after his network revoked the pageant contract.

See the CNN clip embedded below. Immediately before the marriage discussion, Trump indicated that he is pro-life.

That executive subsequently posted a bilingual apology on the same social media network.

"I'm Mexican who was very upset by Mr. Trump's recent comments about Mexican immigrants, but I should not have re-posted the photo."
"Alberto Ciurana issued an apology to me late last night. Apology not accepted. I call for his resignation as president of Univision and Univision should not be allowed to host the Presidential debate. It is a total conflict of interest."

The Breitbart network's John Nolte continues to be a fan of the brash businessman's combative style. "By actually fighting and fighting smart, Trump is not just showing the courage the Republican party lacks, he's displaying leadership and competence. You might not like or agree with Trump, but you had damn well better respect him."

Does it matter that traditional-marriage supporter Donald Trump has tied the knot three times?

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