$50,000 Buys Mitt Romney Inaugural Retreat, VIP Event Access

With Mitt Romney a near lock for the GOP presidential nomination his campaign has begun shifting focus to the presidency and they are apparently confident in their chances. For the small price of just $50,000 the campaign is promising “preferred status at the first Presidential Inaugural retreat.”

In other words, Romney is claiming victory over President Obama and ready to sell access to the Presidency for just $50,000.

The former Massachusetts governor sent out the fundraising email on Monday morning through his Romney Victory group, a fundraising committee that includes the Republican National Committee (RNC) and Romney’s campaign.

According to the email the “Founding Members” not to be confused with the “Founding Fathers” who donate $50,000 ore more to Romney Victory will be invited to a retreat with Romney in California in June and offered “yet to be determined access at the Republican National Convention in Tampa in August.”

Ben Smith of BuzzFeed notes:

“It’s an unusual combination of promises of access and early measuring of the presidential drapes.”

The move is a risky maneuver for Mitt Romney, in recent years such unprecedented access to events based on donar money has been the ire of many controversies. When you consider Mitt Romney’s massive personal next worth of $250 million the idea of big money contributions is likely to anger many in the middle and low-class income brackets.

So what happens if he doesn’t win the presidency? Perhaps those same donors will appreciate some time spend with a former Massachusetts governor with no other political experience.