Bobbi Kristina Brown: What Hospice Care Means For Her

Bobbi Kristina Brown was transferred to an Atlanta area hospice care center earlier this week, where family came together to visit her. Although her health continues to become progressively worse, a family member wants supporters to understand that although the situation looks dire, there is always hope for a miracle.

People reports that Pat Houston, Gary Houston, Cissy Houston, and Bobby Brown were among the several family members who gathered by her bedside this week at Duluth’s Peachtree Christian Center. An undisclosed source from the Brown family indicates that there is still hope and they are not giving up.

“A miracle could still happen.”

According to the Peachtree Christian Center’s hospice care center, patients are admitted to receive palliative support for pain and illness symptoms, meaning they focus on the patient’s comfort rather than aggressive medical treatment and a cure for the illness. The patient’s loved ones receive spiritual support and counseling during this difficult time.

Patients must receive an authorized documentation from a physician, stating that they more than likely have six months or less to live before they are admitted to Peachtree Christian Center.

Although many hospice care patients can stay at home while receiving treatment from medical staff members who visit their residence, Bobbi Kristina will not be moved back to her townhouse, despite recent rumors. Her situation requires care that cannot be managed from home.

In a recent interview with Newsmax Health, an end of life medical specialist, Mark Speyer, M.D., of Loyola University Health in Illinois, explains that although people in hospice care no longer receive aggressive medical treatment, they are allowed to have comfort and dignity in a way that traditional medical centers cannot provide.

“First and foremost, what hospice is about is improving quality of life and preserving human dignity. Many people think it is what is done when death is imminent, but it’s basically about making every day the best possible day you can.”

Rather than focusing on a cure, Bobbi Kristina’s comfort and quality of life become the ultimate goal. Recent reports indicate that her organs have begun to fail, and she’s shown no improvement since she was found comatose on January 31.

Sometimes, hospice care means that feeding tubes are removed, all medications are stopped, and water supply ceases. There is no indication yet if this has happened to Bobbi Kristina, but Dr. Speyer states that it greatly depends on each individual patient and what their needs are.

“Such decisions vary from case to case. We weigh the risks and the benefits and are guided by the principal that if you are doing something that provides comfort we would continue doing it. If it would cause potential problems then you take the patient off it.”

Hospice care also means that Bobbi Kristina Brown will probably never regain consciousness again. Her aunt, Pat Houston, recently indicated that Bobbi Kristina’s health continues to deteriorate, but she thanks everyone for all of the prayers and support.

Photos Courtesy of Frazer Harrison/ Getty Images & Christopher Polk/Getty Images]