Joni Mitchell: David Crosby Says She Is Still Unable To Speak After Aneurysm

About Joni Mitchell, friend David Crosby says she still can’t speak. He claims that fellow singer and song-writer Mitchell had suffered an aneurysm before being admitted to a hospital in late March.

Crosby hasn’t heard from his old friend since her mysterious condition struck again at her Los Angeles home, as previously reported by the Inquisitr. At the time it had taken a while for paramedics to find Mitchell.

Crosby had told the press what he knew after hearing of the supposed collapse.

“She took a terrible hit. To my knowledge she is not speaking yet … She’s going to have to struggle back from it the way you struggle back from a traumatic brain injury … She’s a tough girl, and very smart. So, how much she’s going to come back and when, I don’t know and I’m not going to guess.”

Rolling Stone says that Mitchell had been admitted to a Los Angeles hospital on May 26, where she underwent intensive care and a surgical procedure. The date differs by the source, it seems.

A spokesperson mirrored David Crosby’s words, saying Joni Mitchell was getting better.

“Joni remains under observation in the hospital and is resting comfortably. We are encouraged by her progress and she continues to improve and get stronger each day.”

Newsweek revealed what Mitchell had to say about her own pre-existing medical condition known as Morgellons disease. She addressed the way the condition was known to morph, having previously surfaced as polio, dengue, and scarlet fever. Her condition may or may not be related to her aneurysm earlier this year.

“There are times when it’s directly attacking the nervous system, as if you’re being bitten by fleas and lice. It’s all in the tissue and it’s not a hallucination. It was eating me alive, sucking the juices out. I’ve been sick all my life.”

Fans have shown incredible support since the legendary Canadian singer’s aneurysm. One even set up a site in her honor where other fans can leave their well wishes from Facebook and Twitter.

Likely, as David Crosby would say, Joni Mitchell is eagerly anticipated upon her return. Just be prepared to wait for her to recover first.

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