Joni Mitchell Suffered Brain Aneurysm, Making Speech Difficult As She Enters Rehab: Fans Send #WeLoveYouJoni Prayers

Joni Mitchell had a brain aneurysm that resulted in a grim prognosis for the famous singer. Sources say that the 71-year-old’s recovery has been long and shaky, reported MSN.

Mitchell’s health crisis began on March 31 when she was discovered unconscious at home. After hospitalization, her exact health and future still is relatively unknown.

“Speech is difficult,” said one source, “but she’s communicating.”

Another insider described Joni’s condition as “very serious.”

However, Mitchell has been moved to a rehab facility to continue her recovery, according to Showbiz.

It is known that she did not have a stroke and that Joni’s friend Leslie Morris hopes to set up a home rehab situation so that Mitchell can be more comfortable in familiar surroundings.

“It’s a long way to go, but she can do it,” said one of Joni’s friends.

As the Inquisitr reported, Leslie Morris has been appointed to make medical decisions for Mitchell.

Based on Superior Court Judge David S. Cunningham III’s ruling, Leslie is the one who will talk with Joni’s doctors and determine the best option for her friend after she is released from the hospital.

“I believe that it is very necessary,” agreed Joni’s attorney Rebecca Thyne.

To provide her fans with a place to post their love for the legendary singer, a new website called We Love You Joni has been set up, and the messages of support and praise continue to pour in.

Fans from all over the world are sharing their thanks for her music and prayers for her recovery.

“For the love, kindness, sadness, humility, happiness, hope, humanity, truth, beauty, touching souls, much love.”

“You have no idea the impact you have had on my life; your music is part of my soul. I’m sending happy thoughts and prays for your continued recovery. Love you Joni! Peace.”

“Love you Joni! Hoping for your full recovery and return to the peace of home. Thank you for all the years of your beautiful art and music. With love.”

And although some found hope in the news that she suffered a brain aneurysm rather than a stroke, aneurysms can be deadly, reported Yahoo.

Just four days after a brain aneurysm while playing softball, a California teen died.

Dana Housley was only 15, happily playing the final inning, when she collapsed. She was then rushed to the hospital and was on life support for four days before she passed away.

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