Idol News: Judges save Matt Giraud, Adam Lambert through for another week

American Idol came with a twist this evening with the judges using a special rule to over-rule the popular vote.

Matt Giraud received the lowest number of votes for the round, but was saved for another day by a rule that says that the judges can save one singer who should have been going home. The override of the vote can only be used once a season, and had to be used by next weeks show at the latest.

Ryan Seacrest claimed that “Idol history has been made!” but Simon Cowell wasn’t quite as enthusiastic, saying to Giraud before giving him the good news that “good as you were last night” that he doesn’t “really have any chance of winning the competition.” The use of the rule means that two contestants will be evicted next week.

Adam Lambert sailed through for another week, continuing his run of never being placed in the bottom three. Asked about Cowell’s quip that his performance Tuesday night was akin to the Rocky Horror Picture Show, Lambert responded “I think that’s a great movie. I mean, did he mean it as an insult?”