Tim Tebow Booed at Yankee Stadium, Welcome to New York!

The Bronx, NY – Welcome to New York, Tim Tebow!

The New York Jets backup quarterback was greeted with a round of boos at the New Yankee Stadium where he attended a game with Miami Heat star Dwayne Wade. Wade was also booed initially but the boos turned to cheers when he raised up his Yankees cap.

Tebow was also wearing a Yankees cap but that didn’t help his cause when he was shown on the jumbotron.

New York is a city known for its rowdy fans and Yankee stadium is one of the most vocal of the group. The fans at the new Yankees Stadium let you know when they approve or don’t approve.

Yankees Manager Joe Girardi told the press after the game,

“I didn’t get a chance to see him. I would have loved to get a chance to see him and talk to him. I’m sure he’ll be back at some point. Obviously he’s going to be around a lot more now. But I’d love to visit with him at some point.”

Tim Tebow was recently traded to the New York Jets as a backup quarterback after taking the Denver Broncos to the playoffs last season as their starter. After repeatedly telling the press that Tebow was their man for 2012, the Broncos managed to land the best quarterback in the game in Peyton Manning. Tebow was traded within a few days.

Tebow, a devout evangelical Christian, has been a celebrity among heartland Americans for his clean cut ways and religious posturing, but he also tends to be a very divisive presence in the locker room. He is one of the sport’s biggest celebrities yet his skill levels are constantly questioned. A lot of NFL players feel he did not earn the celebrity he carries.

Yankee Stadium is a place where respect is earned not given.