Thousands Gather For Tim Tebow Easter Service In Texas

According to pastor Joe Champion, the Catholic Church has two modern day stars: Pope Benedict XVI and Tim Tebow.

Champion, who founded the Celebration Church in Georgetown, Texas, said:

“In Christianity, it’s the Pope and Tebow right now. We didn’t have enough room to handle the Pope.”

Pope Benedict XVI was busy giving his annual Easter message at the Vatican on Sunday, so the 15,000 people who gathered for the “Easter On The Hill” mass had to settle for the Heisman winner.

Tebow, who has been criticized for his outspoken faith, told the crowd that it’s important to stand up for his faith and said that athletes who don’t are not being good role models.

Tebow said:

“It’s OK to be outspoken about your faith.”

Tebow also called for the gathering to bring the country back toward God. Tebow said:

“First and foremost is what this country was based on: one nation under God. The more that we can get back to that.”

The Associated Press reports that Tebow fans started arriving at the sprawling church hours before the ceremony began. One worshiper, Amanda O’Hara, said that she drove about 100 miles to attend the mass. O’Hara said:

“I only got about four hours sleep, I was so excited… (Tebow) doesn’t hide who he is. Parents should see him as a role model.”

Do you think Tim Tebow is a good role model?

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