Sony To Shut Down PSN For 13 Hours On Monday

Sony managed to upset millions of gamers on Sunday when it placed a notice on its website notifying users of a 13 hour shutdown scheduled to happen on the PlayStation Network on Monday.

The PSN shutdown will start at 9AM Eastern and isn’t scheduled to end until 10PM that same night.

Because of the shutdown gamers will be forced to play offline, won’t be able to check their accounts and will lose access to PlayStation Home and the PlayStation Store.

Sony will also shut off websites associated with the Playstation Network such as the PlayStation Blog.

This isn’t the first time that Sony has announced a shutdown in order to work on its network with several take down noticed posted in recent memory. This time around executives at Sony have not revealed why the PSN was being taken offline or why they are choosing to fix the network in the middle of the day.

While PSN, PS Vita and PSN-linked devices will be offline for more than half a day Microsoft Xbox Live customers are often met with only a few hours of downtime for maintenance, off-network time that typically happens during offpeak hours as to not upset the company’s entire gaming base.

If you are an avid Sony PSN user and you want to keep track of the networks status you can follow the PlayStation Twitter feed or you can just sit in front of your PS3 or other connected device for hours on end and continually wait for your device to connect.