Australia Begins Frog Slaughter [Video]

There was a time in Australia when the Cane Toad was welcomed into the land down under. Now they are being rounded up and slaughtered, according to Sunrise on Channel 7.

The Cane toad is native to Central and South America. They feed mostly on insects. As is usually the case when someone decides to introduce an alien species into the wild, the cane toad is proliferating all over the area. They were introduced to the area to combat a growing beetle population.

Now the toads have overstayed their welcome. The Australian government has declared the Cane Toad to be an invasive species North Queensland has gone as far as to host a Toad Day Out event. At the Toad Day Out, residents are encouraged to round up as many toads as they can and bring them to county officials who later kill them all.

Queensland politician Shane Knuth believes that the cull is justified.

Knuth told BBC News,

“They’re one of the most destructive creatures and the most disgusting creatures and one thing they’re doing is they’re killing our native wildlife and they’re taking over our habitat,”

A report out in Queensland says “there are signs” that the toads “may have started spreading from Queensland down into New South Wales.”

Scientists are working hard to develop ways to exterminate the toad population. Very hopefully they aren’t thinking about bringing in another outside predator to take on the toad. As for now they will have to settle for the few thousand killed by the public.

Watch a video of the Frog Slaughter in Australia!