Former TSA Chief Thinks Banned Items List Is Ridiculous, Also Fights Against Baggage Fees

The Transportation Safety Administration has become a bunch of kindergarten teachers to millions of fliers who pass through America’s airports each day, at least that was the message being delivers by former TSA chief Kip Hawley in a piece for the Wall Street Journal.

In his argument Hawley explains that passengers should be able to carry knives, lights and liquids aboard flights. So why does Kip believe such actions should be allowed, as he succinctly explains it:

“The TSA’s mission is to prevent a catastrophic attack on the transportation system, not to ensure that every single passenger can avoid harm while traveling.”

Kip goes on to add:

“If you’re a frequent traveler, you probably hate us.”

Speaking of what he would specifically like to see changed Hawley says banned items should be allowed back on planes with the exception of “guns, toxins and explosive devices.” As Hawley explains TSA officers have become “kindergarten teachers to millions of passengers a day.” It also gives terrorists “a complete list of what not to use in their next attack.”

Hawley then recommends enacting completely random pat-downs so terrorists can’t figure out how to best avoid TSA officials and their security protocols.

Taking his fight to the airlines Kip Hawley also wants airlines to ditch their baggage fees, a practice he says will speed up checkpoint issues. As Hawley explains many passengers are now “overstuffing their carry-on luggage to avoid baggage fees.” The former TSA chief admits that reduce baggage fees might increase airline fees but it would make for a faster and safer flying experience for everyone.

Unfortunately with government workers controlling the every move of the TSA it’s unlikely we’ll see Hawley’s suggestions enacted in the near future.