Shabani The Hunky Ape Seduces Social Media With His Hollywood Charm And ‘Brooding Good Looks’

A giant gorilla called Shabani has huge swathes of Japan's female population and users of social media going ape for his "brooding good looks" and Hollywood charm.

The gorgeous gorilla has been branded something of a Hollywood hunk by his many fans who have described him as the "Gregory Peck of gorillas."

Shabani has become something of a sex symbol in Japan, where his rugged charm, rippling muscles, and air of danger have proved a definite hit with the ladies.

Shabani's swooning fans flock in large packs just to catch a glimpse of the 18-year-old silverback, who is undoubtably the star attraction of Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens in Nagoya.

The handsome ape, who weighs in at around 180kg is routinely surrounded in his cage by about 100 hysterical fans who scream, "Look at me, Shabani!" and "This way, Shabani!"

Zoo spokesman Takayuki Ishikawa told the AFP news agency that Shabani is a "lot more buff than most gorillas."

"He often rests his chin on his hands and looks intently at you. He is more buff than most gorillas and he's at his peak physically. We've seen a rise in the number of female visitors - women say he's very good-looking."
Shabani has been held in captivity at the zoo since 2007. His habit of striking smouldering poses for his audience landed him a modelling contract for the zoo's spring festival earlier this year. Since then the gorilla's fame has sky-rocketed and his chiseled, furry features have also seduced users of social media.

Women have taken to Twitter to gush about Shabani's Hollywood charm and rugged demeanour, describing him as "iceman" or a "hunk" and likening his appearance to that of a male model.

Shabani has already become a national celebrity in Japan and has featured on many of NHK and NTV's most popular shows, but Takayushi Ishikawa said that Shabani is a true superstar and is not about to let the fame go to his head.

"Shabani's fame is totally unexpected. It's a perfect example of the Internet society… we were very surprised by the phenomenon.

"He seems to have noticed his new popularity, but he's kept it very cool."

And in case you're wondering if Shabani would happily give up all the trappings of his new-found fame for one real shot at freedom. The popular gorilla also has a family to think of.

According to officials, Shabani has two wives, Ai and Nene. He's also said to be an excellent father to his children, Kiyomasi and Annie.

It has to be said. King Kong's got nothing on this guy


(Images via Sky News, Daily Mail, Twitter)