After Three Weeks Hillary Duff Already Taking Heat For Baby Fat

Less than a month ago Hillary Duff welcomed her first child to the world. Now she is getting back in shape, but wants to taker it nice and slow.

The former Disney actress said,

“I don’t have a project waiting on me that I have to bust my butt to get into shape for so it’s more about how I feel. I like working out since it makes me feel more clear-headed and positive.”

She is trying to stay away from the negative influences of Hollywood. She said her Twitter account was full of really nasty comments about her post baby body.

She said about what people wrote,

“Then I read comments on my Twitter page about how I’m waddling into Pilates and I go, ‘Wow, that’s a really mean thing to say. I just had a baby three weeks ago!’. There is a little bit of pressure, but most of it comes from me.”

Duff has been hitting the work out circuit lately and said the time away from her baby has helped her deal with motherhood and let her involve her husband and her mom.

“Despite my best intentions, I have to learn to let go of the way I do things. My mom has been taking the baby while I do Pilates for an hour and I had to stop giving her directions about how I changed Luca’s diaper,” Duff says.

Hillary Duff has no immediate plans to take on a new project. She just wants to take the time to be the best mom she can be.