California Yacht Race: One Dead And Four Missing

The 2012 Full Crew Farallones Race in California has been met with tragedy on Saturday after one member of the eight-person sailing vessel called the “Low Speed Chase” was found dead and four were still listed as missing.

The race occurred just off the coast of San Francisco Bay and began at the St. Francis Yacht Club. The 38-foot vessel reported an accident at 3 p.m. at which time the U.S. Coast Guard responded with a helicopter search, 87-foot cutter and a 47-foot boat from the Station Golden Gate. Also aiding in the search effort were two Blackhawk helicopters from the 129 Air National Guard unit.

Rescuers managed to pull three people from the water while another was pronounced dead upon rescue.

According to the Mercury News waters were considered “normal” at the time of the accident with 10 foot waves traveling at 25 knots. Following the accident the remainder of the races 60+ boats returned safely.

The Low Speed Chase was skippered by James Bradford and following the accident the yacht club released the following statement:

“The Yacht Racing Association of San Francisco Bay, The Ocean Yacht Racing Association, and the Board of Directors would like to express our deepest sympathies at this time of sorrow to the family and friends of the lost crewman of ‘Low Speed Chase’. We offer our thoughts and prayers to the family and friends of the missing crew in hopes they are returned home safely.”

Further details from the accident will be reported as they are released by officials investigating the accident.