So what do you do with 1 million followers?

So what’s the big news these days?

The recession starting to see an upswing in China?

North Korea reactivating its nuclear program?

The Obama clan get a new hypo-allergenic puppy?

No. It’s all about some actor named Ashton Kutcher, whose only real claim to fame at this point is being married to Demi Moore, looking to reach 1 million followers on Twitter before the CNN news bot does. Yes folks in an effort to finally prove how totally useless Twitter can be we have Larry King accepting the challenge on behalf of CNN that the new organization will reach that magical number before Kutcher does.

Robert Scoble once said it isn’t the number of people of following you on Twitter that is important but rather the number of people you are following. Well if we look at those numbers in regards to the two combatants in the PR slugfest of the century we can see they are both losers. Currently CNN while ahead in the follower’s number game is lagging behind Kutcher, which isn’t say much either.

Kutcher is following: 70 people

CNN is following 6 people

Where it can make sense for CNN to have as any followers as it does, because it is a news broadcaster after all, Kutcher’s obsession with reaching that earth shattering milestone of 1 million is pointless and stupid. It also shows how as much as the folks in social media would like everyone to believe that it is all about the conversation the real point of Twitter is to prove how little you value your friendships. After all how could you even come close to being able to give a rational explanation about any value of having a million people following you.

You can’t, and in the process you prove to the world just how silly this Twitter thing can be – which is too bad because Twitter could be much more than this. Also an interesting little side bit to this. Until today CNN didn’t even own the CNN profile on Twitter but once they saw the obvious PR value of it they hauled out the checkbook and bought it up from one Jamie Cox of San Francisco.

So on one hand we have senility encroaching Larry King issuing a YouTube video talking about how he’ll take on Kutcher on his Twitter thing – does Larry even know what Twitter is? On the other hand we have doucebag Kutcher bribing the Twitter masses with the help of game maker EA as well as emotionally blackmailing us with promises of buying 10,000 bed nets to help fight malaria.

And why?

Other than for some perverse ego boost on Kutcher behalf and momentary PR of how cool they are on CNN’s behalf this bullshit serves no other purpose than a momentary distraction for the Twitter masses.

Isn’t our use of technology bloody wonderful.

Now about that recession?

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