NASA Cuts Live Feed To ISS After Two UFOs Are Seen Leaving The Earth’s Atmosphere [Video]

A video was recently published on YouTube purportedly showing two UFOs leaving the Earth shortly before NASA’s ISS signal is abruptly cut.

This footage is one of a few others that allegedly show NASA’s live cam feed being cut after an unidentified flying object is seen exiting the planet’s atmosphere.

In the clip, two seemingly small, glowing objects are spotted leaving the Earth’s atmosphere and hurling into space. Then, just moments later, NASA’s signal was gone and an error message appeared.

NASA cuts signal to ISS after UFO spotted

The loss of signal right after the UFOs were witnessed leaving the Earth is quite suspicious to say the least – and, according to UFO conspiracy theorists, this video further offers proof that NASA is indeed trying to cover up the existence of extraterrestrials.

Of course, the lights could have been satellites and ISS may have just happened to have had an issue with their live feed at that particular moment — or, as some have suggested, the video could be fake.

Still, whatever that flying object was, or wasn’t, this isn’t the first time NASA has been accused of cutting ISS’s signal after a UFO was spotted.

Back in January, a UFO was captured on the space station’s video feed, but shortly after it was seen rising over the Earth’s horizon, NASA’s signal went black.

Was this just another coincidence?

Or do you think NASA is really trying to cover up the reality of aliens? Share your thoughts below.

[Image via YouTube/NASA]