Identical Twins Give Birth On The Same Day: Karen And Kathy Escobar Welcome Babies Hours Apart

A set of identical twins gave birth on the same day at the Women's Hospital of Texas.

It is a known fact that many identical twins, or twins in general, share a unique bond. They do most everything together, and have a connection like none other. However, Karen and Kathy Escobar are in sync beyond belief. The identical twins gave birth to their babies within hours of one another on Thursday, June 17.

"The irony is that the sisters were seeing the same doctor, Dr. Joseph Salinas, but never thought they would be delivering on the same day," Ashley McClellan, the CEO of the Woman's Hospital of Texas, told Yahoo Parenting in a press release.

Kathy initially went to the hospital to support her sister after Karen started experiencing labor pains. Karen wasn't due until July 31, but went to the hospital when she started experiencing signs of labor. Kathy, who was due on June 20, came along with Karen to offer her support. Little did she know that she would be having a baby that day, too.

Upon arriving at the hospital, the doctors confirmed that Karen was, in fact, in labor. Shortly thereafter, Kathy started feeling funny, and realized she was also in labor, Click 2 Houston reports. Although Kathy went into labor after her sister, she delivered first, welcoming her baby girl, Aimet Angela Gonzalez, at 5:33 a.m. At 7:42 a.m, Karen gave birth to a baby boy, Liam Antonio Vargas.

Both of the mamas, and their babies, are reportedly doing fine.

Another unique birth story has occurred this month, as well. As the Inquisitr previously reported, doctors at the Community Regional Medical Center in Fresno, California, have delivered three sets of triplets within days of one another. The first set of triplets was born on June 7, the second on June 18, and the third three days later on June 21.

While Dr. Steven Elliott, a neonatologist, said he has cared for as many as five sets of triplets at a time, he can't remember, in his 30-year career, a time when he had three sets of triplets simultaneously under his watch.

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