Sweet Karma: Why You Should Never Park In A Handicapped Spot Illegally [Video]

A driver in Brazil found out, to his detriment, why you should never park in a handicapped spot without a valid sticker.

An enterprising person, who objected to his car being in the handicapped spot illegally, liberally and artistically covered the whole car with blue Post-it notes, including creating a white handicapped parking sign on each door. This must have taken them some time, and goodness knows how many pads of the Post-it notes, but it was certainly to great effect.

As reported in the Mirror Online, it is believed the incident happened on a street in Maringa in southern Brazil, and passersby can be heard to thoroughly enjoy the whole scene as the man returns to his car illegally parked in the handicapped spot.

As can be seen from the video and the image below, when the man returned to his illegally parked vehicle, he found it completely covered with the blue and white Post-it notes.

handicapped parking

As people in the streets grabbed their phones to take videos and photos of the scene, the driver, now thoroughly embarrassed by this stage, madly tries to rip all the notes off his car, longing to just remove it from the handicapped spot.

When he found that was taking too long, he jumped in the car and tried to drive away from the handicapped spot, but found he couldn’t see properly through the windshield due to all the sticky notes.

He eventually manages to rip off enough of the notes from the driver’s window and windshield and drives off at speed, with onlookers cheering and laughing loudly at him all the way.

The video of the incident (included above) has managed to get over 15,000 views since it was uploaded to YouTube on June 24.

According to a second video included below, however, the man will be facing some charges for illegally leaving his car in a handicapped spot, as a traffic officer can be seen removing Post-it notes from the licence plate to get his registration number.

One thing is for sure: he will certainly think twice before deciding to park illegally in a handicapped spot again.

In other not so funny related news reported on the Inquisitr today, a paralyzed child was not allowed into the prestigious Harrods store in London in his wheelchair.

[Images: Screen grabs from the two YouTube videos included above]

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