Indiana Couple Admit Molesting Little Boy Multiple Times

An Indiana couple is accused of molesting a young boy at least three times between the months of April and May of this year. WTTV News reports that 23-year-old Chelsea Wainscott and 26-year-old Logan Lockridge have each been charged with child molestation and neglect of a dependent.

The abuse came to the attention of authorities when the three-year-old male victim reportedly told a family member that both Wainscott and Lockridge had touched him inappropriately. It’s also being reported that the little boy is biologically related to Wainscott, but the type of relation hasn’t been clarified. In other words, this was a child relative, which gave the Indiana couple frequent and unquestioned access to the lad.

Authorities gave Lockridge a polygraph test focusing on the child molestation allegations, but he reportedly failed the lie detector test. This led him to confess to touching the three-year-old boy along with his romantic partner. He confessed to police that both he and Chelsea Wainscott molested the child by inappropriately touching him. He admitted to doing so on at least two different occasions, and added that a third incident may have taken place.

The Indy Star reports that both Chelsea Wainscott and Logan Lockridge are currently being held in the Shelby County jail. No reports indicate whether or not the Indiana couple have attorneys or if they will be able to post bond. What is certain is that their young victim is brave for coming forward about the sexual abuse. Now it’s time for the child’s loved ones to pull together and make sure that this little boy gets therapy so that he can heal and move on from what has happened to him.

This, sadly, isn’t the first time a couple has been busted for molesting children. This isn’t even the first time an Indiana couple has been arrested for it. Just last year a couple from Hendricks County was arrested after it was revealed that they had molested a 13-year-old relative numerous times. A Lafayette, Indiana couple were sent to prison this year after they reportedly molested an eight-year-old girl over a span of more than two years. In a shocking sex crime against an infant, a young Indiana couple were caught using a baby for their sexual pleasure during phone sex with one another.

Will Chelsea Wainscott and Logan Lockridge face justice for what they’ve admitted to doing? What do you think they deserve for molesting a three-year-old child?

Photo: Shelby County Jail mugshots