Rodenator Video: Squirrel-Blasting Device Causes Controversy

The use of a device called the Rodenator Pro is stirring up a controversy in the city of Spokane. The Spokane Parks and Recreation Department has started “>using the Rodenator to blast squirrels at its Finch Arboretum park — and the local Humane Society isn’t too thrilled.

Rodenator Video

The Rodenator Pro

The Rodenator Pro sends a burst of propane and oxygen directly into burrows, killing squirrels inside and collapsing the tunnel at the same time. The Spokane parks department says there are simply too many squirrels in the area and its park is suffering. The Humane Society says the Rodenator Pro explosions are unethical, suggesting other less deadly tactics could be employed to encourage the animals to leave.

Rodenator Video

The following Rodenator video shows how the device works.