Blind Dog & Guide Dog: Abandoned Blind Dog Has His Own Dog Companion, Both Need A Home

A blind dog and his guide dog companion are both in need of a home. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Glenn and his friend, Buzz, were both found inside a tunnel, abandoned. The two pups -- who are said to be the best of pals -- were rescued by a group called Stray Aid. Now, the group is looking to re-home the two dogs, but wants to keep them together.

"They are inseparable. They instantly had a bond when they came in, so we kept them together. Whenever they're separated, they start crying and barking for each other," said Stray Aid volunteer Hannah Critchlow. Thankfully, many people have been making phone calls, trying to see if they'd be a good fit for adoption.

"Some dogs are here months and months and not one person looks at them or has interest, so there's an unusual amount of interest in them. Everyone is in love with them, and they're both just so friendly, lovable and very chill," Critchlow explained.

The blind dog and his guide dog companion are quite sweet together. According to MSN, Glenn is a Jack Russell terrier, and Buzz is a Staffordshire bull terrier. While you might think that these two breeds wouldn't become friends, that's exactly what has happened. And their relationship transcends just a couple of boys looking for a bone. Glenn relies on Buzz for help, and Buzz is happy to offer his services, so to speak.

"Buzz acts as Glenn's eyes and it's as simple as that. Glenn gets his confidence from Buzz, and if they were separated even for a few minutes, they both bark and become distressed, so they would need to have a loving home together," said staff member Sue Bielby.

Based on the relationship between the blind dog and his guide dog friend, rescue workers believe that these two have been friends for quite some time. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the way these two get along is quite remarkable.

"Glenn doesn't need him outside where he can run around, but he needs Buzz inside the kennels to stop him banging into things. He helps Glenn find his way to his bed by sort of pushing him towards the front of the kennel and guiding him in … Buzz also nudges him towards his food, they eat side by side, and he pushes him toward his bowl, or away from his [Buzz's] if Glenn is going for the wrong bowl. We think they have been together for a long time but we don't know for sure, they both seem to be a similar age. If they are apart for long, they start to cry and whine. Glenn also gets quite disorientated without Buzz. They are both lovely little dogs, they are good with people," said Stray Aid supervisor Diane Humphrey.

Many hope that the blind dog and his guide dog are adopted together very soon.

[Photo via YouTube]