Nickelback Cancels: North American Tour Canceled Due To Nickelback Frontman’s ‘Medical Emergency’

Nickelback cancels their North American tour after doctors find a cyst on Chad Kroeger’s voice box. According to the Canada Journal, Nickelback released a statement announcing the band’s decision to cancel the tour, and letting everyone know that Kroeger needs emergency surgery that will entail weeks of recovery.

“I am sorry I have to interrupt the party this summer, and I am definitely not thrilled with the prospect of being silent for many weeks to come when I could be out there playing for our fans,” Kroeger said in a statement. It was revealed that Kroeger is expected to make a full recovery after his surgery. His doctors are confident that he will be back on the road in September, when Nickelback takes their gig overseas.

News that Nickelback cancels No Fixed Address has upset many fans (insert Nickelback joke here), but many are relieved to hear that Kroeger is going to be okay. According to the Vancouver Sun, Kroeger is scheduled to undergo surgery on the operable cyst in about three weeks. He will use the summer to recuperate.

Band members released this video on social media.

“I am relying on my doctor and his team to help get my voice back in good form as quickly as possible,” Kroeger said.

Kroeger certainly isn’t the first celebrity to suffer such a setback. In 2009, Rachael Ray underwent surgery for the same thing. Famously, actress Julie Andrews lost her ability to sing (for the most part) after a similar diagnosis.

Vocal cysts often occur when a person “overuses” their voice, according to About Health.

“Between the two cysts is the tissue that they are made of. Epidermoid cysts are made of epidermal (skin) cells and keratin. Mucous retention cysts are a clear fluid filled cyst. Cysts can also be called pseudocysts because their tissue composition does not match epidermoid or mucous retention cysts. In addition to cysts polyps, (an overgrowth of tissue that usually arises from a mucous membrane), and nodules, (an undefined mass of tissue that is usually not cancerous), can also form on vocal cords.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Nickelback plans to tour North America again in 2016. Fans hope that Kroeger makes a speedy recovery, and look forward to catching the band next year.

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