George Foghorn Winslow Dies At 69, Charmed Marilyn Monroe And Cary Grant As Child Actor [Video]

George Foghorn Winslow died at 69 after making a name for himself as a child actor in films with legends such as Marilyn Monroe and Cary Grant.

Born George Karl Wentzlaff and dubbed Foghorn for his deep voice as a child, Winslow starred in 10 films prior to announcing his retirement when he turned 12, reported the Press Democrat.

Never married, George adored his 25 cats, said friend Kevin Braafladt, who discovered that the actor had quietly passed away at home.

“About the nicest guy you could ever know,” complimented Braafladt. “I think he was genuinely happy with where his life was. His love was the cats. He’d always talk about them.”

George got his start in show biz when he appeared on Art Linkletter’s radio show, “People Are Funny.” When Cary Grant heard the soon-to-be-nicknamed Foghorn’s voice and charm, he linked up with the director of one of Grant’s most popular films, Room for One More.

Winslow had contracts with Warner Bros. and Twentieth Century Fox.

But it was with Marilyn Monroe that young Foghorn earned the biggest praise. Those films included Monkey Business and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.

In addition to movies, George starred on TV shows, including The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet.

After retirement, Winslow contributed to his community by volunteering at a military antiques store and museum.

No known heirs or relatives exist. A memorial service is planned and his burial will take place with military honors a as a result of his Navy enlistment during the Vietnam War.

Among George’s most well-known films are My Pal Gus. But it wasn’t until his role in Mister Scoutmaster that the nickname Foghorn actually appeared in Winslow’s billing, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

George’s fans particularly enjoyed his foghorn voice in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Winslow took on the role of Henry Spofford III to Marilyn’s role of Lorelei Lee. The lucky lad was given the task of guiding her when Monroe finds herself stuck in a porthole.

“You got a lot of animal magnetism,” George told Marilyn.

Described as “Marilyn Monroe’s Favorite Boy Friend” in the movie trailer for The Rocket Man, Winslow also enjoyed a role as a boy with a magical toy ray gun. Other notable films included acting with Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin in Artists and Models.

As the Inquisitr reported, fans of Monroe recently mourned and were outraged when her home in which she resided at the beginning of her Hollywood career was torn down to be replaced with condos. Those for the development contended that because it wasn’t where Marilyn lived when she made movies such as Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, it wasn’t significant.

But for fans of the child star known as Foghorn who made his career starring with the sexy actress, it was those movies in which George and Monroe starred that counted.

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