Marilyn Monroe House Bulldozed: Marilyn’s Fans Heartbroken As Monroe’s Memories Crumble For Condos [Video]

Marilyn Monroe’s house bulldozed? It’s true, and Monroe’s fans are heartbroken as the news spread that the sexy film star’s home in California is forever gone, reported the Los Angeles Daily News.

Beyond grief, they’re angry at those who made the decision to tear down Marilyn’s memories. Monroe’s house, before it was bulldozed, was scheduled to be discussed at a hearing. Her fans hoped that meeting would result in the home being saved and treasured as a landmark.

And then, only three days before that meeting to discuss the home where Marilyn resided prior to soaring to breathy-voiced stardom, Monroe’s house was crushed as a developer bulldozed it.

“I can’t even breathe. My neighbors and I are in mourning,” asserted Jennifer Getz.

A true Marilyn fan, Jennifer had nominated Monroe’s house to be preserved as a Historic-Cultural Monument. When she became aware that the house had been bulldozed, Getz was furious and grief-stricken.

“It’s one of the biggest losses in the San Fernando Valley. I’m beyond outrage.”

As for the official word on what happened, officials contended that although they agree Marilyn is an icon, they did not feel the need to preserve all of Monroe’s houses.

Before it was bulldozed, the San Fernando Valley home was determined to be of minor importance because the actress lived there only during her teen years, reported KTLA.

Ken Bernstein, who directs the city’s Office of Historic Preservation, explained that based on the records, Marilyn had lived in that house after she was married at age 16. Known then as Norma Jean Dougherty, she resided with in-laws from 1944 to 1945.

Norma Jean’s fame began when a photographer found that she made a fabulous model. She divorced husband Jim Dougherty, became an actress, and altered her name.

And to those who are outraged and heartbroken that Marilyn Monroe’s house has been bulldozed, Bernstein offers his own perspective.

“Obviously, Marilyn Monroe is an iconic figure,” said Ken, who was against preserving her house as a landmark and hence favored having it bulldozed. “But while she had been living in the house when discovered, the house… isn’t associated with a productive period in her career. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of houses associated with celebrities.”

Rather than preserve Marilyn’s home, condos will be erected to replace Monroe’s house, reported the Daily Mail.

Reviewing the case, the city agreed in favor of condo-developer Joe Salem of Hermitage Enterprises LLC, saying that it was his prerogative to have bulldozed Marilyn’s home.

The news that the legacy of Marilyn is lost comes at the same time as the sale of the legendary singer Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch, as the Inquisitr reported.

However, while Monroe’s house is bulldozed, sellers of Jackson’s famous ranch are only changing the name and preserving the landmarks such as the train station.

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