‘Leepu & Pitbull’: New Car Shop TV Show Premieres Tonight On History Channel, Some Fans Ask, Why?

Leepu and Pitbull is a brand new television series that is set to premiere on the History channel tonight. Leepu and Pitbull focuses on two talented guys who will take a junk car and transform it to a customized super car—and they’ll do it “on the cheap.” The History Channel is known for its quality programming and its dedication to educating the public. Leepu and Pitbull stars Nizamuddin “Leepu” Awlia and Steve “Pitbull” Trimboli.

A Bit of Background

Leepu, whose real name is Nizamuddin “Leepu” Awlia, is a Bangladesh native whose addiction to restoring and customizing cars began back in his days in areas surrounding India. Taking his son to his first car show in Saudi Arabia at age 16, Awila’s father had no idea that Leepu was born to design cars, and that his enthusiasm would lead him to create the Leepu-mobile, the Leemo-bil, and the Angel Car. Leepu has also starred in the TV shows Chop Shop: London and Bangla Bangers.

Steve Tromboli, aka Pitbull, has been working in auto-garage shops since his mid-teens. At age 17, he built his own business from the ground up, according to his bio. He has a passion for fast cars with powerful engines. And there’s one thing he hates: throwing away old car parts. Another man’s junk is considered gold to him as he takes the old broken pieces and use them to build something brand new.

Leepu & Pitbull promises to inform and entertain viewers as they witness the passion and detail that Leepu and Pitbull will apply into turning these old, junky cars into beautifully crafted products.

With the debut of Leepu & Pitbull just hours away, fans are puzzled as to why the History Channel is profiling a reality show about cars, stating that though the new TV show may seem interesting, it doesn’t seem like a good fit for history buffs. Listen in:

“Not history you idiots…..the main reason I don’t have a dish or cable is because of your programming, or lack thereof
Why is this called the History channel?”

“How about actual History on The History Channel?”

“Another show that is NOT HISTORY. Seriously guys, you need to fill time that bad that you stick this in there??”

“I just got it……CLASSIC cars is why History Channel thinks it’s history!”

“The HISTORY Channel”… junk, pawn, and cars. Is there not enough HISTORY that you can’t create programming about interesting historical events?”

Despite some disgruntled History Channel watchers’ opposition to the TV show, most car enthusiasts and aficionados will definitely be excited to see the end result of their amazing car customizations and restorations. Leepu and Pitbull premieres tonight at 10/9 central. See the trailer and tease below.

“From junkers to super cars, two mechanics strive to make custom cars on a budget! Check out the series premiere of ‪#‎LeepuAndPitbull‬ tonight at 10/9c!.”

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