Clinton Confederate Flag: Clinton's 1992 Confederate Campaign Button Surfaces, Hillary Clinton Remains Silent [Report]

In the wake of the Confederate flag controversy, an intriguing photo of paraphernalia allegedly from Bill Clinton's 1992 presidential campaign has surfaced. According to the Daily Mail, a photo of a campaign button supporting the Clinton-Gore campaign shows the two candidates' names across a Confederate flag.

Although the paraphernalia could have been designed by one of Clinton's supporters or a support group, spokespersons for Clinton presidential campaign have remained silent about the issue, which leads many to believe the item was part of the official campaign.

Clinton-Gore Confederate Flag

However, according to a report published by the Washington Post, a different perspective argues that the item may not be authentic, reports the Blaze.

"One indicator that it isn't official is that it lacks a union 'bug,' the little marker showing that a piece of campaign material was printed in a union shop. If you look at other Clinton-Gore buttons, nearly all — but not all — have a bug somewhere …

The politics then were less complicated than they are now. It's believable that Clinton and Gore might have had a Confederate button, though we don't know for sure that they did. What the reemergence of the buttons now shows, if nothing else, is that the history of the rebellious South continues to resonate and continues to evolve, year by year, as a component of American politics."

But, nevertheless, the acute silence about the issue still raises speculation and questions. The 67-year-old Democrat has also been silent about her husband's support of the Confederate flag during his tenure as governor of Arkansas. However, official documentation proves that Bill Clinton did, indeed, support the Confederate flag.

As previously reported on Inquisitr, Clinton signed a law in 1987 supporting an Arkansas flag design commemorating the Confederacy. A clause within Act 116 of the 1987 Regular Session reads, "the blue star above the word 'ARKANSAS' is to commemorate the Confederate States of America."

An image of the section within the act has also been shared via Twitter.

Bill Clinton's support of the confederacy leads many to wonder how Hillary's campaign will fare in the wake of the Confederate flag controversy, reports Daily Mail. By now, everyone is aware of the mixed opinions Americans have about the history of the controversial battle flag. Some view it as a noble gesture, while others see it as a reflection of hatred and racism that serves as a constant reminder of the glorification of "antebellum traditions," reports the Huffington Post.

In fact, a number of Republicans recently expressed concerns about displaying the flag at South Carolina's state capitol following the Charleston massacre that took place at Emanuel AME Church on Wednesday, June 17. Now, the state of Mississippi has joined the political fight to render the confederate flag obsolete. So, how will the Clinton campaign address the issue? At this point, no one knows, because she's still silent about it all.

[Photo by Scott Olson / Getty Images; Daily Mail]