WWE News: Tyson Kidd To Be Out Of Action For 14 Months With Neck Injury

Injuries are scary. In the WWE, when the outcome is nearly unpredictable, there’s a reason why they tell WWE fans to not try this at home. In an earlier report by the Inquisitr, Tyson Kidd was rumored to be out of action for over a year with a neck injury, similar to the injuries sustained by “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and Edge.

It all occurred in a match with Samoa Joe before WWE RAW hit the airwaves. In their dark match, Kidd took Joe’s finisher, the muscle buster, and apparently, Kidd didn’t land well on the mat. There’s no clip, but only pictures of the incident, and it didn’t look like anything was done recklessly. Samoa Joe is a very safe worker, as is the former-WWE Tag-Team champion.

After a few years of regaining steam and capturing the respect of the WWE Universe, it’s going to be awhile before Tyson Kidd can hit the mat again. According to E-Wrestling News and Dave Meltzer, Tyson Kidd will be out of action for a long time.

“In an update, Dave Meltzer mentioned on the latest episode of the Wrestling Observer Radio that Kidd is having surgery on Wednesday. He would go on to say that the injury is just like Stone Cold Steve Austin‘s and Edge‘s neck injuries.

Kidd is expected to be out of action for the next fourteen months.”

As CM Punk said a few years ago, Tyson Kidd is a workhorse and could out-wrestle a lot of the WWE roster. Not only is Kidd a great guy behind the scenes, but an injury like this could detriment somebody’s career. With his wife, Natalya, by his side, it is going to be a long 14 months for the former champion.

Tyson Kidd will begin physical therapy soon after the surgery, but the real question lies within his status after the operation. Edge said before that he was wrestling on borrowed time after he broke his neck. Until the pain and consequences grew higher, Edge had to retire from in-ring competition.

Another former-WWE champion, Stone Cold, broke his neck and returned to the ring. Austin was able to wrestle again, but one can assume that the broken neck bothered him at times. It’s a severe injury that could’ve paralyzed Tyson Kidd. Now that the WWE Universe knows he is going to get surgery and rehab, Kidd will be back in a WWE ring someday.

[Image via wwe.com]