‘Arrow’ Actor John Barrowman Confirms Whether Or Not Malcolm Merlyn Will Return For Season 4

Arrow left off on its Season 3 finale with mixed feelings from fans of the CW show. Since then, like most DC Comics shows, Arrow‘s next-season hints have been leaking out slowly from actors, and mostly Stephen Amell. The Inquisitr reported on some of the upcoming Arrow Season 4 attractions, but little has been reported about John Barrowman, aka the Dark Archer / Malcolm Merlyn. According to Comicbook, John Barrowman will be returning for Arrow Season 4.

“We start filming in July, Season Four — I just finalized my deal about a week ago. I’m very excited about going back.”

Arrow‘s Dark Archer, John Barrowman, did not just drop the info that he was contractually returning for Season 4, but he threw a little tease for Arrow fans into the Las Vegas Comic Con Q & A he spoke at, which was posted to YouTube.

“I can’t tell you anything because I do know a bit about what’s going to happen. But if you love Malcolm Merlyn, if you love Oliver Queen, if you love Thea Queen, if you love the Canary sisters, and I say that with a bit of a twist and a joke in it, you’re going to love what’s going to happen across the DC world.”

Barrowman dropped a lot of Arrow Season 4 hints and names in this Q & A. Though it is partially speculation, and none of it was specific, you can read somethings between the lines. Arrow character Thea Queen’s name drop could hint to some focus on her new Red Arrow character, which has been the focus of Stephen Amell’s information leaks and others. The Canary sisters could be a reference to some interesting reactions between Canary and Black Canary.

Spoilers are upcoming, just so everyone is aware. You might want to skim past this portion, if you are still catching up or haven’t seen Season 4.

Black Canary, now called White Canary in the Arrow / Flash spin-off Legends of Tomorrow, as reports indicate, took a dip in the Lazarus Pit at some point. So, it could mean the Lance sisters will be interacting between the two CW shows.

In any case, as we know John Barrowman’s character is now the new Ra’s Al Gul, which raises questions as to whether or not he will return to being a villain. He was sort-of an anti-hero by the time he entered Arrow Season 4.

Barrowman, unfortunately, did not address anything new about his character. So, Arrow fans will have to wait to find out what producers have in store for Thea Queen’s real father, and League of Assassins’ Dark Archer.

What are you thoughts? How do you interpret John Barrowman’s Season 4 hints?

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[Image via Creative Commons / Gage Skidmore]