Selena Gomez Explains Why She’s Untrusting And ‘Guarded’

Selena Gomez has a hard time trusting people. The 22-year-old singer has revealed that she’s a bit “guarded” when it comes to meeting new people and getting into new relationships.

Gomez talked about how she has a hard time trusting the new people that she meets. She spoke to Z100’s Elvis Duran about how she approaches people. Whether she’s making new friends or jumping into a new relationship, Gomez admits that she can’t open up to anyone because she fears they will go behind her back.

“You can’t talk about anything that you want to share with people because it’s going to be ripped apart, and that’s what makes me really sad.”

Selena also talked about the reason why she wanted to work on her new album. As she hinted on her recent Instagram post from earlier this month, she had a lot of “secrets” that she wanted to share with her fans. It was also the reason why Selena released her hit single, “The Heart Wants What It Wants.”

“That’s why I had to start doing it through my music and that was the whole reason why ‘The Heart Wants What It Wants’ came out was because I was like I have a right to say what I’m going to say.”

Gomez wants to take back her life and reclaim her name, especially when it comes to reports about her alleged drug use or her relationship with Justin Bieber. She wants to settle things when it come to all the rumors surrounding her. Still, Gomez stays “guarded” because she wants to hold back on things. She even had to cut people out of her life that weren’t “good” for her.

“If you’re going to sit here and talk about my life, I have a right to say what I want and obviously I’m going to do it the way I wish to. But it is unfortunate, and you have to be guarded. I don’t trust anyone…It’s something that I have to live with and I have to find the balance of who I want in my life and who isn’t good for me.”

Selena is obviously grateful for her fans, called Selenators. She says that they know her better than she knows herself sometimes. Selena obviously knows that she can’t hide anything since she’s in the public eye, but she tries to live her life like any normal 22-year-old would. But she also doesn’t want to be crucified for living it up in the public eye.

“The idea of that is just that my fans know who I am, so no matter what happens or what people are saying about me, what’s going to come through is who I am. If I was truly everything that people say I am, you would see it. It’s not like I can hide anything anymore! My life is so public that I do take that into consideration. But I’m also a normal person, I’m a human being and I’m feeling things. I get sad, I get anxious, I get emotional, I get happy! Especially in my twenties, my gosh! I feel like I’m figuring out who I am and I’m constantly being… well not constantly, but I’ve been criticized for trying to live my life.”

Selena Gomez released her new song, “Good For You,” featuring A$AP Rocky on Monday. She explains that her new song and album is about finding herself and “the confidence of me turning into a young woman.”

“I think that this song represents the confidence that I truly have inside of me, and I think it’s the vulnerable side that I’ve expressed, but it’s also the combination of just feeling myself.”

[Image: Rob Kim/Getty Images for The Elvis Duran Z100 Morning Show]