4 Feet Of Hail Hits Texas [Video]

Ever wonder what 4 feet of hail looks like? Surprisingly, you don’t have to wait to find out.

A recent hail storm that hit the Texas Pan Handle left drifts standing close to four feet tall, trapping motorists and creating havoc on the interstates.

NPR reports that nickel-sized hailstones pummeled parts of the Texas panhandle on Wednesday. Maintenance crews had to use snow plows to clear the roads and free trapped drivers.

Paul Braun, a Texas Department of Transportation spokesman in Amarillo, said that some vehicles were damaged in the hail storm but no injuries have been reported. Braun said that the massive pileup of hail was creating flood problems in the area. Braun said:

“We’ve got five, 6-foot high icebergs along the roadway. If we get another rainstorm it will flood again.”

The US National Weather Service of Amarillo, Texas, has posted a few videos and pictures of the massive hail storm. In one video, the service writes:

“This is not snow – rather, it was hail that was approximately 3-4 inches deep! Please continue to avoid Highway 287 due to the hail and flooded waters on the road… 21 hours later, the largest hail stone that remains is still about the size of a ping pong ball!”

Here’s a video of the hail storm.


And in case you were wondering what 4 feet of hail looks like, here are a few photos from the National Weather Service.


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