Mitchelle Blair Will ‘Happily’ Accept Life In Prison Or Death Penalty For Torturing And Killing Her Kids

Mitchelle Blair, the woman who made national headlines for torturing and murdering her children, now wants to plead guilty to the charges and is asking for life in prison or the death penalty.

A previous report from the Inquisitr covered the shocking moment where Mitchelle Blair screamed in court, “Yes, I did kill her!” Now, according to the Huffington Post, Blair is taking her admission of guilt a step further by saying she wants to accept whatever punishment the court deems appropriate to avoid trial and protect her only surviving son. She was even open to the idea of accepting the death penalty if the state of Michigan had one.

Mitchelle Blair beat her 9-year-old son Stephen Berry to death in 2012 and suffocated her 13-year-old daughter Stoni Blair. The mother was determined to be mentally competent to stand trial, but Mitchelle wants to avoid that at all costs. She claims she doesn’t want to put her surviving 8-year-old son through the experience of seeing her fight the charges with a “not guilty” plea.

“I don’t want him to see that I stood here like a coward,” said Mitchelle Blair. “I did what I did and I did what I did for my baby, period. He’s going to see me standing up, taking my responsibility.”


According to the Daily Mail, Detroit judge Kenneth King refused to accept a guilty plea to a first-degree murder charge, which would result in a mandatory life in prison term with no chance of parole. Mitchelle Blair claimed the prosecutors were “dragging their feet” in their attempts to punish her, unnecessarily drawing out a case that she believes doesn’t require a trial.

Judge King asked Blair to think over her decision very carefully before entering a guilty plea and consider the consequences of the charge.

“We want this to be done very carefully,” he said. “These are very unusual circumstances that someone would plead on the nose to first-degree murder.”

But Mitchelle Blair insists that she wants the full sentence and would take the death penalty if it exists. She specifically said, “I would take that. I don’t care.”

Blair’s defense attorney, Wyatt Harris, stands by his client’s decision to show her 8-year-old son how to take responsibility.

“My client wishes to plead guilty to first-degree murder,” Harris said. “That’s the end of the conversation.”

What do you think Mitchelle Blair should plead? Should she accept life in prison?

[Images courtesy of the Associated Press]