Who Is Steve Moses Of CBS’ ‘Big Brother’ Season 17?

Steve Moses is one of the house guests on Big Brother’s 17th season airing this summer.

The new group of contestants is about to start their summer full of twists and turns and Moses is garnering some early buzz. Could he be one to watch this summer? Many suspect that this may well be the case.

According to Moses’ profile on CBS, Steve is 22-years-old and hails from Gouverneur, New York. He was a mechanical engineering student at Cornell University for two years, notes Big Brother Network. Steve is now attending Fredonia State where he’s studying audio engineering and music.

While Moses may often be compared to Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory, he says, it seems he’s got a strategy to act much more basic and less intelligent than he really is. He calls himself a Big Brother superfan, and he thinks it’s beyond crazy that he’s now doing the show.

What is Steve’s strategy? He embraces the fact he’s a geek and he’s going to play up the cute and innocent side of himself. Moses aims to make it seem as if he’s no threat and he hopes to be brought into an alliance where he can play sweet and loyal while he plans to stick the knife in his alliance members’ backs at the end.

Moses plays trombone and loves music, and he describes himself as being “brilliant, innocent and deep.” Though there are those who are already banking on Steve to make it far in this game, others might wonder if his confidence could be a problem for him.

This Big Brother 17 houseguest thinks that the toughest part of the game this summer will be “dealing with stupid people who choose to completely disregard the consequences of their actions.” He adds that he thinks it’s hard to reason with people who won’t look ahead strategically and he thinks it’ll be a struggle to deal with houseguests with this type of nearsighted thinking.

Steve loves previous houseguests Danielle Reyes and Helen Kim for their confidence, strength and willingness to make moves when needed. When asked what he’d take into the house, he says it would be a pencil and notebook to help him track details for competitions late in the game. He also says he’d bring his teddy bear Coco, whom he still sleeps with, and Steve would bring in his trombone as well.

While the house often has plenty of drama and stories that develop as a result of drinking and smoking, it seems that viewers won’t be seeing that from Moses. This BB17 houseguest doesn’t drink or smoke at all, and he’s also a virgin. At the same time, he claims that he was the loudest and wildest guy in his fraternity.

Some are already comparing Steve Moses to former Big Brother winner Ian Terry. However, this BB17 contestant says he’s very different. He says he thinks that Ian tried to make himself seem more adult than he maybe was, but Steve is going to hold back and let people think he’s more childlike. While this contestant says he has a plan, he also knows that the show is likely to throw twists at him very early in the game that will shake up his strategy and game.

Could Steve Moses be one to watch in terms of serious contenders for this 2015 season? Big Brother has some intriguing houseguests in the mix of things this season and everybody will be curious to see how this particular contestant’s strategies work when there are other buzzworthy contestants such as Jason Roy and Audrey Middleton in the mix of things as well.

Big Brother 17 premieres on Wednesday, June 24 and fans can’t wait to see how contestants like Steve Moses and the other new 2015 players tackle this fresh round of the game.

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