Who Is Jason Roy Of ‘Big Brother 17’?

Big Brother 17 is about to start, and Jason Roy will be one of the houseguests gunning for a win this season. Some have a hunch that he will be one to watch this season, and fans are anxious to know more about him. What’s the scoop on Jason Roy?

As Roy’s profile for CBS notes, he is 25-years-old and hails from Massachusetts. While he’s originally from Fall River, he currently resides in Swansea. He says he works at a supermarket and he clearly has a big personality.

Jason describes himself as hungry and vibrant and it’s clear he is a big fan of the show. Roy admits that he has a big mouth and he’s not one to be intimidated easily. This Big Brother 17 contestant says he doesn’t shy away from conflict. He indicates that having been picked on as a kid has led him to become determined and he makes fun of everything, including himself.

This Big Brother 17 contestant thinks that biting his tongue might be a challenge for him, as in his regular life, he’s comfortable saying what he thinks. He calls himself a show superfan and he’s thrilled to get a chance to play the game himself. Jason admits that he has a personality that could annoy and grate on people, though he’s going to try to tone things down a bit.

This BB17 houseguest says he’s going to miss his girls back home, but he’s hoping his “gay glue” provides him the opportunity to form a tight girl alliance that he can help hold tight long enough for him to get to the end. Fans can look to Jason to connect with those he needs to get ahead, but he says he’s loyal to only himself and his friends back home. This houseguest says his obsessions include Big Brother, Nicki Minaj, and fashion.

Roy admits he’d rather win and be hated than be loved and lose the game. Jason prides himself as being a solid Big Brother historian, and he feels well-prepared to dominate in this game. Fans may see him as a bit of a meld between past winners Ian Terry and Andy Herren. Ian and Andy both won their seasons, so could Jason Foy follow suit? Buddy TV definitely thinks that Roy is one to watch, and Big Brother Network described Jason as being energetic and humorous without being over-the-top after their chat with him.

People are buzzing about Roy, though this does look like it’s going to be a competitive and tough cast with the likes of Audrey Middleton, Steve Moses, Vanessa Rousso, Clay Honeycutt, and the rest of the intriguing cast. The show has teased big twists and turns this summer, and fans can’t wait to get started. Big Brother 17, starring Jason Roy and the rest of the cast, premieres on CBS on Wednesday, June 24.

[Image via Shaw Media]