Coffee Shop Sign Makes You Rethink Yawning, Pic Goes Viral

A particular coffee shop sign went viral on Reddit on Monday, primarily because of the thought-provoking message spelled out on the marquee.

In addition to promoting the need to have a cup of coffee, the impressive quote also provides a pro-coffee definition for yawning.

“A yawn is a silent scream for coffee.”

coffee shop yawn

Keep in mind that the actual definition of a yawn has more to do with drowsiness and boredom than coffee, according to

“To open the mouth somewhat involuntarily with a prolonged, deep inhalation and sighing or heavy exhalation, as from drowsiness or boredom.”

That’s where the creative genius of the coffee shop sign quote comes into the picture. By definition, people yawn because of drowsiness. Most people drink coffee to get rid of drowsiness, giving them the boost that they need to start the day (or keep it going).

There is at least some truth, therefore, to the concept of a yawn being nothing more than a silent scream for a cup of coffee.

A lot of people cannot seem to go through the day without at least one cup of coffee — especially in the United States. According to Statistic Brain, the average coffee drinker consumes at least 3 9-ounce cups of coffee daily.

Over 60 percent of U.S. coffee drinkers admit that they need a cup of coffee to start their day, which is likely one of the main reasons why coffee shops are so popular in the first place.

The picture, which was posted on Reddit by LansingCycleGuy on Monday, was apparently taken at the Reddit user’s nearby coffee shop.

[Image Credit: Reddit and Dollar Photo Club]