North Carolina Teen Arrested In ISIS Terror Attack Plot

A North Carolina teen was arrested for allegedly plotting an ISIS attack in America. Justin Nolan Sullivan, 19, was arrested by the FBI after his father reportedly tipped off the agency about “disturbing behavior.”

Justin Nolan Sullivan had a gun silencer in his possession when he was arrested for allegedly plotting an ISIS attack on Friday, according to the FBI. The North Carolina teenager allegedly asked another man to purchase the silencer for him — the man was an undercover FBI agent, arrest documents indicate.

The threat level Justin Sullivan posed remains unclear. The ISIS lone wolf attack suspect allegedly said that he wanted to kill at least 1,000 people by setting off a “big vehicle bomb” or via the use of chemical weapons. The North Carolina teen went unnoticed by the FBI until his father made a 911 call in April.

Justin Sullivan doused Buddha figures and other religious objects with gasoline and set them on fire, according to his father. Court documents in the North Carolina ISIS case state that the suspect’s father said the family was “scared to leave the house.”

During the 911 call, the teenager can reportedly be heard in the background asking, “Why are you trying to say I’m a terrorist?” Several weeks after the 911 tip to the FBI by the elder Sullivan, an undercover agent made contact with the teenager.

“I liked ISIS from the beginning, then I started thinking about death and stuff so I became a Muslim,” Justin Nolan Sullivan reportedly said to the undercover agent. According to the FBI, the North Carolina teenager also said he wanted to buy an “assault rifle” from the gun show in the state and “shoot people” on behalf of ISIS over the last weekend because his parents were going to be out of town. Sullivan was not able to purchase a rifle before his arrest.

Sullivan reportedly confessed to plotting an ISIS attack and told the FBI that he searched for possible targets on both the internet and in the Yellow Pages. The teenager also allegedly asked the undercover agent to kill his parents.

“The war is here,” Justin Sullivan told the FBI agent, according to court documents. “[I am] a mujahid,” the teenager also reportedly said.

The silencer Sullivan purchased was allegedly for conducting “minor assassinations” for training purposes before a “big attack.” The North Carolina ISIS attack plotting suspect also reportedly said he was going to send a video to ISIS.

Do you think ISIS lone wolf attack plot arrests will increase in the future?

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