Tamra Barney On Vacation: Paparazzi Following Her And Eddie

Tamra Barney says she is a different person these days compared to previous seasons. Barney has been going through some tough times, but she is coming out a stronger person on the other side. With a hunky husband by her side, Tamra is making strides. She has a strong business that is growing, and she is now a grandmother.

Since this season has just begun, it is hard to say what struggles Tamra Barney will be dealing with. On previous seasons, Barney has been hurt, has struggled with her ex-husband, and she was sad that her son made a decision to move away. This week, Tamra decided to go on vacation with her husband, and it looks like an amazing trip.

According to a new Instagram post, Tamra Barney is revealing that she is on vacation with her husband Eddie Judge, but that she is even being recognized in Greece. Of course, The Real Housewives of Orange County does air in Europe, so Tamra may be noticed when she is traveling. Plus, many Americans and Canadians do head to Europe for vacations, so it is very possible that Barney couldn't relax because she was being recognized. That could be one of the downfalls of being on a successful show.

"Then there's That moment when you realize the paparazzi are following you. Get um Eddie with the death stare!! Hope I wasn't bent over with my gut hanging," Tamra Barney revealed on Instagram, while sharing a picture of Eddie who seemed ready to set the paparazzi straight, adding later to critics, "oh plzzzz this island is huge. The restaurants call them when celebs visit."

Tamra Barney has been sharing beautiful videos and pictures from her time in Greece. Maybe she just needed some time away from the other women, as she and Vicki Gunvalson were not on the best of terms as the season began. Plus, Vicki didn't appreciate Eddie's comments when she called Tamra to rekindle their friendship, as outlined in her own blog. But Tamra could be cleaning up her messes. According to the Inquisitr, Tamra Barney has issued an apology to her former co-star, Alexis Bellino, for the words she said years ago.

"I think for me, I just didn't know what a Christian was. When you think of someone being a Christian you think they don't do anything wrong. They're not sinners, they don't get boob jobs, whatever … and [Alexis Bellino] was the epitome of Orange County in my mind, and I think I just didn't know. It was pure ignorance," Tamra Barney revealed about her behavior on previous seasons, adding, "I think in the past six months I've felt like a new person. I'm not saying like, I'm perfect and I'm not saying I'm at church every single Sunday. I try to go every Sunday, I'm joining a Bible study …"

Have you seen Tamra Barney's vacation videos yet?

[Image via Instagram]