Walmart Streaker: Naked Man Pours Milk On Himself At Kentucky Store

South Williamson, Kentucky, Walmart shoppers were quite shocked when a man walked into the store, stripped naked, and poured milk on himself. A warrant for the arrest of the naked Walmart man was issued by the Pike County Sheriff’s Office after the video went viral on Friday.

The man who walked into the South Williamson Walmart reportedly ran through the store yelling that he was on fire, stripping naked and grabbing milk from a cooler. Pike County Sheriff’s deputies reportedly arrested Timothy Smith and Davis Daniels in connection with the Walmart naked milk pouring incident on Sunday. Daniels, 19, was allegedly the Walmart streaker cameraman.

Timothy Smith, 24, is accused of shouting “I’m on fire” and other vulgarities while pouring milk on his naked body in the Walmart store.

Kentucky Walmart shoppers said they saw a man run naked through the store wearing nothing more than his socks, shoes, and a Halloween mask.

“I wouldn’t want to go in Walmart and see somebody walking around naked or running around naked, so they need to go to jail,” Pike County Sheriff Rodney Scott told the media. “The first question I would have would be, ‘Why?’ Why would they want to do it? If we don’t [arrest them] then it could be happening all the time. So that’s why it’s important to go ahead and make these arrests.”

Sheriff Scott also said that both the Walmart streaker and the camera operator are equally guilty of indecent exposure because he believes the naked milk pouring incident was a planed prank. Pike County law enforcement officials are also reportedly searching for the “getaway driver” who was reportedly waiting outside the South Williamson store for the streaker and cameraman.

YouTube has removed the viral video of the Walmart naked milk pouring incident because the footage shows nudity.