Britney’s ‘Louisiana Boy’ Love: Britney Spears Gets Tongues Wagging With Weekend Photo [Updated]

Britney Spears spent Father’s Day weekend taking in some rays, but people are buzzing a bit about the company she was keeping. Britney’s Louisiana boy in a photo she posted on Instagram has tongues wagging, as that boy seemingly was not her boyfriend, Charlie Ebersol. What’s the scoop?

Britney’s Louisiana boy comment came along with an Instagram post showing her in a bikini, on a boat, next to something of a mystery guy. Despite some media reports to the contrary, fans quickly noted that this guy did not look like her boyfriend, Charlie Ebersol. It didn’t take long for people to pin down that it was Harris Beall in the photo with Britney.

Just who is Harris Beall? As it so happens, he is, indeed, a Louisiana boy. For those who weren’t quite sure if that’s who Spears was with on the boat, he retweeted the photo with Britney, generating a lot of buzz.

Spears is, of course, a Louisiana girl herself, and she’s still got ties to the area. Though Britney may spend a lot of time in Hollywood and Las Vegas, it seems that there’s no place like home when all is said and done. Britney grew up in Kentwood, Louisiana, and her latest Instagram picture indicate that she still considers the southern state home.

Britney posted the photo with Beall and wrote, “So nice to be home! Nothing like Louisiana boys.”

Beall retweeted the photo and her comment, but didn’t add any commentary himself. Is there reason for the pop star’s fans to worry about the state of her romance with Ebersol, whom she’s been dating since last fall? Before fans get too worried at least in terms of the picture of Britney and Harris, it seems there was nothing much to this photo.

It seems that while Britney’s “Louisiana boy” Beall was happy to share the photo, the two are not a new couple. Though neither Britney or Harris have confirmed anything for certain, many are speculating that he may have been driving the boat Spears was on over the weekend, or just came across her as a local and they snapped a photo together. Some think she may be throwing some shade at Charlie, while others think it was just an innocent fan picture.

That said, there has been some buzz about the state of Spears’ relationship with Ebersol. Just days ago, Radar Online said that the two were considering working on having a baby together once her Las Vegas residency was over. On the other hand, there was also a recent Blind Gossip item that most certainly seemed to be referring to Spears and Ebersol. Some of the singer’s fans have seen some Instagram activity that seems a bit suspect in terms of the two still being together and happy, but if the two are on the outs, they haven’t confirmed it.

Was Britney’s Louisiana boy reference a dig at Ebersol, or is Spears just showing some love to her home state?

Updated: As buzz escalated about Britney’s Louisiana boy photo, reports are now coming out indicating that Spears and Charlie Ebersol have indeed split. Us Weekly shares that the couple has broken up, though so far no further details have emerged regarding exactly when or why Britney and Charlie called it quits. Those who thought something was up, and felt that her photo was a dig at Charlie, seemingly were indeed on the mark.

[Image via Britney Spears’ Instagram]