Cellphone Plans Offer More Options And Lower Prices For Those Who Want The Best Deals

If your current cellphone plan is too expensive, maybe it’s time to shop around and find a better one. There are many great cellphone plans available now that are a lot less expensive, because there is a price war happening right now. Cellphone companies want to steal your business, and they are offering better prices and better packages. Depending on the cellphone plan you choose, it could mean an opportunity to upgrade your phone and get a better phone or cut features you no longer need. Other features you want to look at include larger data packages, according to Time.

The first step to finding better cellphone plans is to decide what you really need. One of the easiest ways to cut your cellphone costs is to get rid of your contract. Although a contract allows you to have a nice phone up front, the result is higher monthly bills. Non-contract cellphone plans allow you to have a lower monthly bill, and if you change carriers, you may be able to bring your cellphone with you.

Buying your phone up front or shopping sites like Ebay allow you to find a nice phone for less. Another feature you may want to consider cutting is your data plan. It’s possible to get a larger data package for less, or if you don’t need the data, consider cutting your data package, especially if you use Wi-Fi a lot at home.

Compare cellphone plans by considering other phone services besides the big four: AT & T, T-Mobile, Verizon, and Sprint. Each of these phone companies has bought smaller services. One example is that AT&T bought Cricket. Prepaid services often give you access to the same networks without the price.

When choosing a new cellphone plan, consider using one of the many interactive tools available online. These tools allow you to choose the features you want and then compare different cellphone plans based on coverage and price. Depending on where you live, you may find a better deal on a less expensive cellphone plan and still have the same cellphone coverage you had before, according to Lifehacker.

Don’t forget to consider your cellphone habits when choosing your next cellphone plan. Unless you use cloud storage, you may not need the extra data. Unlimited text and talk are pretty standard features with cellphone plans now, but you may still be able to save some money on these features, too.

What cellphone plan do you use? Has it helped you save money?

[Photo Credit Dr. Leonard Coldwell]