Kim Kardashian: Gender Of Baby Revealed, Find Out The Sex Of New Baby West

Kim Kardashian has revealed her baby’s gender! According to the New York Daily News, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are expecting a baby boy. Kardashian made the gender announcement on her Instagram on Sunday, posting a very sweet message confirming the exciting news. The post was one of two that Kim wrote for Kanye in honor of Father’s Day. While she kept it very sweet, her fans didn’t miss the message.

The baby’s gender announcement was liked over 1.1 million times!

Kim Kardashian denied her baby’s gender previously, saying that she didn’t reveal the sex of her second child, and that people shouldn’t believe everything they read. With a 50/50 chance of being right, however, the media guessed the gender correctly, and won this round.

Kim and Kanye will indeed be welcoming a son later this year (her due date is reportedly in December).

According to Hollywood Life, Kim and Kanye are extremely happy to be expecting again after months of struggling to conceive. And while there have been reports that Kanye was hoping for the baby’s gender to be male, sources say that he only wished for a healthy baby, and nothing more.

He wanted his child to have his “musical talents and genius ideas,” and Kim’s “beauty, intellect, and charm.”

“The man is thrilled to be a father again, and can’t hardly contain himself,” shared a source. Many people love having both a son and a daughter, and having a boy to carry on West’s family name has to be exciting.

Kim Kardashian’s gender announcement came at the perfect time. She and Kanye West decided to share the news with their fans, which is something many people were hoping would happen. While the couple could have made this huge spectacle of the whole gender thing, Kim chose to reveal the news on social media. It was subtle, but everyone caught the mention of the word “son.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, there is a lot of chatter surrounding the baby’s potential moniker now that the world knows his gender. The Wests say that their son will not be named a direction, which means South and Easton won’t be chosen. The couple chose the name North for many reasons, but Kanye suggested that it was the highest point in their lives, so “North” just seemed to fit. Some expect their son’s name to be something really intense, and not even close to normal (don’t expect Adam, Ryan, or John), but your guess is as good as the next person’s.

The couple likely won’t announce their son’s name until he is born.

[Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images]