Xbox One Elite Console Leaked By Walmart, Elite Controller Bundle Possible

Microsoft and its Xbox One had a pretty good run at their E3 press event last week, and they introduced a new controller for the Xbox One, the Xbox One Elite Controller. While this is the only “Elite” gadget released for Xbox One at the E3, Attack of the Fanboy reports that for a short period of time, Walmart listed an Xbox One Elite Console on their website for $499. Is this a new Xbox One console leaked by Walmart to go with the freshly-announced Xbox One Elite Controller?

OXCGNposted a screenshot of the Xbox One Elite Console listed on the Walmart website. However, as of the moment, the Xbox One listing has already been removed from the Walmart website. The Xbox One Elite Console at the Walmart site was listed to be priced at $499, a pretty hefty price to pay considering that the 1TB Xbox One listed at Amazon is selling for $399.99. There are several speculations going around as to what the Walmart listing could be.

Xbox One Elite Controller listing at Walmart

Nerd Reactor writes that the listing could be an Xbox One console plus Xbox One Elite Controller bundle, since Microsoft is known to bring bundles from the past. Since the 500GB Xbox One is normally priced at $349.99 and the Elite Controller was priced at $149.99, $499 for the two is just logical.

Segment Next writes that the Xbox One Elite Console listing could be the 1TB Xbox One bundled with the Elite Controller. The 1TB HDD Xbox One was recently announced by Microsoft and is already available in Amazon for $399.99. If the listing was indeed that kind of bundle, then it’s going to be a pretty good deal, with a $50 saving for the consumer.

However, the screenshot of the Xbox One Elite Console listing reveals that it is a pre-order that ships December 31. The Xbox One Elite Controller was reported to be released commercially on October so the bundle did not make too much sense since it would be a two-month delay.

We can’t also rule out the possibility that the listing is a real Xbox One Elite Console leak, soon to be announced by Microsoft. Since E3 2015 has already been jampacked with announcements and new deals, maybe Microsoft is reserving the new Elite Console announcement for Gamescom.

Microsoft is known to release different kinds of consoles, from slim consoles to Halo-skinned consoles. The Xbox One Elite Controller was pretty cool, albeit pricey, and if the Xbox One Elite Console turns out to be true, then we can only anticipate what awesome new feature it will have in store to complement the new Xbox One Elite Controller.

[Image via OXCGN]