Drake, Much Music Video Awards 2015: Wins Crowd Just Like He Did At ATL Birthday Bash

Drake swooped into the Much Music Video Awards and won the crowd, much like he did at the Atlanta Birthday Bash while on stage with Future. One word. Charisma.

While P. Reign was on the stage to accept his award for Best Hip Hop Video for the song “DnF,” a surprise gripped the crowd. In walks Drizzy Drake, winning his fellow Canadian audience.

As reports CTV News, Drake’s appearance was brief.

“…The biggest roar of the evening was elicited from its biggest unannounced star: a bearded Drake.”

“The superstar Toronto rapper dropped by when his friend P. Reign won for best hip-hop video (Drake co-directed the video and buoyed the song with a guest verse). Drake only briefly took the mike before ceding the spotlight to his gobsmacked pal.”

P.Reign let the audience know it wasn’t his idea — no publicity stunts.

“Aww, man! You know what, I just need y’all to know first of all, I never planned this. I had no idea it was going to happen. My brother Drizzy Drake is in the building! That’s my brother for life.”

According to MMVA, Drake made a similar appearance in 2013 in the same kind of on-stage maneuver. P. Reign had won an award that year as well. So now, the organization says that it’ll be on the lookout from now on whenever Reign wins an award.

Drake made a mini-acceptance speech as well. This is because he is featured in the song, as reported by Toronto-focused CP24. So, technically, Drizzy took home the award as well.

In a similar way, Drake stole the crowd at the recent Atlanta Birthday Bash. While on stage with Future, Drake begin to perform one of the songs from his newest mixtape, If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late.

The Inquisitr included a video from Drake’s Birthday Bash performance in a previous article. In the video, you can see Aubrey Graham flowing with the crowd’s energy and vice versa.

Unfortunately, Drizzy’s Coachella performance reportedly didn’t flow as well as those in attendance would have preferred. However, it does seem that Drake possibly made up for it in ATL.

What are your thoughts about Drake’s surprise appearance? Feel free to share in the comments section.

[Photo Credits: Twitter]