Naica Gibson: Welfare Mom Of Four Has Shocking Reason For Allowing Kids To Go Hungry

Naica Gibson, a mother of four, who’s on welfare, has admitted that her children have had to go without meals because her benefits were being used for something else. Something that has many in England, where Gibson lives, furious.

Naica booked an appointment in Poland to have a breast enhancement surgery, or “boob job,” as she lovingly called it, but the $6,749 operation didn’t go as planned.

As a result she was left with one breast larger than the other.

The 31-year-old also said that her children had to stay at their grandmother’s home during the fiasco because she couldn’t afford to feed them due to the expenditure, the Daily Mail reports.

“I don’t see anything wrong in using my benefits for a boob job,” Gibson told the press. “I was determined to get my dream boob job no matter what, even if it meant cutting back on things for the kids.”

What she did see a problem with, though, was having to live with the poor job that Poland did on her.

“All I could think was all those missed meals for nothing. I just wanted them fixed.”

Now that the surgery has been botched, Naica Gibson will need to have corrective surgery, which she plans to get done in England this time, but in order to complete the transaction, she’ll need close to $8,000 more, something she believes England taxpayers should have to pay for since her need to take care of her four children prevents her from working.

“When I look at my breasts one is bigger than the other,” she said in comments reported by the Daily Mirror. “I expect the NHS to fix my breasts after all the stress I’ve been through.”

The story of Naica Gibson certainly isn’t the first time that someone has taken advantage of the NHS welfare system.

A previous report from the Inquisitr told the story of a mom of 12 demanding that NHS pay for her C-section not because it was a medical necessity, but because she was simply “too posh to push.”

Cheryl Prudham, 33, who lives in Britain, already commanded more than $59,082 a year in benefits from British taxpayers before giving birth to her twelfth child. Despite being capable of giving birth naturally, Prudham felt that taxpayers owed her a C-section since natural birth was “too painful.”

What do you think about stories like this and that of Naica Gibson? And does the U.S. have a welfare problem as well? Sound off in the comments section.

[Image via Naica Gibson Facebook c/o the Daily Mail, linked above]